ETP Preliminary Application

The information obtained from this Preliminary Application will be utilized to determine program eligibility. If your company or entity is determined eligible, additional information will be required to develop an ETP Agreement.

Once you have submitted the Preliminary Application, you will receive a confirmation email, and Reference number for tracking purposes. If you have any questions, you may contact the Application Assessment Unit at (916) 327-5270.

[Note: The email address of a third party may NOT be used to complete the Preliminary Application.]

You are about to access a secure State of California computer network intended for official use. The Employment Training Panel (ETP) reserves the right to review and record all actions taken within its network. Use of the network can be logged or monitored and information stored within the network can be retrieved for any official purpose including enforcement of federal, state and local law. Any confidential information will be maintained as such by ETP. Please see the Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy posted on the home page of the ETP Website.
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